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Management Message
Management Message

As we bask in the grandeur of all the years that Nivedita has been in existence. '' Success come to those who work hard and stay with those laurels of the past ''. We firmly believe that student should be taught for this fortunately, we have committed and supportive management members, dedicated teachers, carrying and cooperative parents.To meet parents' dream for their wards, Nivedita Senior Secondary School is now CBSE affiliated (from session 2018-19). We assure you to serve the community with our best efforts and will be able to provide more than what you expect from us. Hope we will get your blessings and support for all the coming years.

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Aug 27
R/P सूचित किया जाता है कल दिनांक 28 अगस्त को विद्यालय में अवकाश रहेगा । 29 अगस्त को विद्यालय खुलेगा। धन्यवाद।

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Feb 01
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Jan 03
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Principal Message
Principal Message

Nivedita Sen. Sec. School is an independent, co-educational institute, Affiliated to the CBSE, New Delhi. It is our purpose to maintain high academic and behavioral standards for all students, and support each student with engaging learning opportunities. It is situated at Dabwali Road, Ellenabad, District Sirsa of Haryana. The school campus is having an ideal, motivating and inspiring environment and opportunities for every child's comprehensive development.We will provide a safe, nurturing environment that challenges our students to become the leaders of tomorrow. Principal :- Jugal Kishore (M.A, B.Ed.)

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  • Bharat
    Bharat  Singh
    class: 12th MED
    01 Dec, 2004
  • Harshdeep
    Harshdeep  Singh
    class: 10th EM
    01 Dec, 2005
  • Nitesh
    class: 8th EM
    01 Dec, 2007
  • Avani
    class: NUR
    01 Dec, 2017


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